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What's New?

Simplified Culinary Services founder Greg Kelly and Food Service Director Danielle Giusti are now proud creators of the Non-Profit 501-c approved Punta Mita Project. The Punta Mita Project was launched during a global pandemic when Danielle and Greg saw the need to feed children in the village of Punta Mita Mexico. A kitchen was set-up, equipment was purchased and over 3000 meals were served during the summer of 2020. Both Danielle and Greg donated their skills and resources, and with the help of two2 local Mexican employees, as well as local volunteers, the project was launched and was received with gratitude and grace by the local community.  The Punta Mita Project will continue to serve meals and will be helping the community of Punta Mita, Mexico for many years to come. It was time to give back, and we did!   Check out our website at puntamitaproject.org